Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

Cool Logos

Design of logos has become an art form and is considered important, since the success or failure of a business depends on the company logos design. But design trends change with time, as the companies evolve the logos must reflect that evolution. A very good example of the evolution of a logo design is Apple’s logo. This type of evolution requires some of the best logo designers who could identify the current logo trends and help a company to amalgamate the new treads into the already existing design. The year 2010 has had it fair share of trends, and 2011 has already started knocking on our doors.

Below is a brief list of trends that I think would be in vogue in 2011. Go through them as they could be the trends to look out for next year.

Abstract Logos Yes, this is big today and is going to be even bigger in the future. Design of logos with hidden messages is an art and everybody will sit up and take notice of this style.

Shadow based company logos design Every business wants to attract attention and these cool umbrageous designs would necessitate the observer to take the second look.

3D Logos The wait is finally over, and a logo design job with 3d animation is the next big thing to come out in 2011. 

Minimal designs These days best logo designers are the people who use minimalistic design elements in their work as it is considered striking, and has a better impact. Minimal designs tend to stand out among the sea of over-the-top designs. 

Environment friendly logos This might sound odd but companies are doing it and would increase the use of ‘green’ logo designs to showcase their environmental commitment.

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Team Logos

The image that your team exudes has a great deal to do with how popular your team becomes and the following that it can garner, which makes an effective team logo design very important in your branding and marketing efforts. The logo design that you create for your team should create an image that is easily identifiable with your team - and many of the most famous teams in the world are recognized at first by their design identity.

There are numerous organizations throughout the sports industry that should have a custom logo in place. Whether you are looking for an actual team, club, tournament, or sports accessory logo - getting it right the first time is important because the identity of a team is a big part of the team in the eyes of fans and supporters. A great design should be one that you are proud to use for many years to come.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your sports logo is certainly worth a million! When designing for your sports team or sports organization, your identity should tell your fan base what you want them to know about you - in limited words and images.

Simple is the best style of logo, and is oftentimes the most effective. If there is too much happening in your design then the message being portrayed gets distorted. People have a limited amount of time, in most cases, to "take in" your logo and understand the story that you are attempting to tell with just a few second glimpse. A more challenging design can be too complicated, and thus, much less effective than one that can be understood at a glance.

When designing your team logo, it is important that you don't lose the message that you're portraying. An identity that is too obscure or (inversely) too overdone will not be the valuable marketing aid that you are looking for. A good logo design will have one main concept or idea behind it.

Keep in mind that you might be using this same design for ten, fifteen, twenty, or more years. While we cannot see into the future to determine if your logo will endure to meet the changing tastes and styles of the American consumer, ideally you should go with a design that allows you to foresee no changes its perfect and effective now and for whatever changes you have planned.

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NBA Logos

Holiday or birthday coming up and once again there’s that one person who is impossible to buy for because they seem to have everything. Is this person a basketball fan? If so there is a perfect gift idea. NBA logo watches are a functional gift that also showcases the favorite sports teams logo. No more endless hours spent trying to find the perfect gift.

Every NBA basketball team from the Atlanta Hawks to the Washington Wizards have a logo watch. These watches are top quality and great time pieces, as well as featuring the official team logo and name. The watches feature citizen quartz movement and are water resistant with a lifetime warranty. There are four great styles to choose from that each offer a unique style and look. Finding the perfect NBA logo watch is not difficult at all.

The Coach Series logo watch showcases the team logo on a black background with the team colors as a highlight. It has a stainless steel band and is water resistant to 5 ATM. This is a nice watch that will suit any occasion.

The Player Series logo watch features the team logo on a white background which really makes it stand out. It is water resistant to 3 ATM. This watch also has a black leather band. This is a great watch for everyday wear.

The logo pocket sports watch is a pocket watch with a modern twist. It has a stainless steel case with a brushed finish. It also comes with a chain and display stand. The logo stands out on a black background. This is a true collectors item.

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Jumat, 20 Desember 2013

Amazon Logo

Despite the belief of some advertising experts that subliminal messages never work, a lot of companies still have faith between advertising and marketing and subliminal messages. Perhaps they simply want to make the people curious and interested in their products or services. Some of them may not be aware of the hidden messages. Regardless, figuring what these subliminal messages logos are is fun and engaging. 


Who isn’t familiar with Amazon.com’s logo? The company name is spelled with a smile at the bottom. But there’s more to what meets the eye. If you haven’t noticed it yet, the curved line actually points at Z to denote that Amazon.com offers anything (from a to z).

amazon logoamazon logoamazon logoamazon logoamazon logoamazon logoamazon logoamazon logoamazon logo

Apple Logo

Apple is arguably one of the best mobile phone brands that are found in the market today. The company is always rolling out new versions of the phone which come with better specs so that they can fit in the ever changing technology world. There are numerous versions that people have come up with as to the origin of the Logo inspiration. Below however you will find the real story behind it to know how it really came about.

A gentleman by the name John Kates claimed that the Apple LOGO found on the back of the Mac or iPhone was done as a tribute to another gentleman who was known as Alan Turing. Turing was the made who laid the foundations that are used for modern day computers. He pioneered research into artificial intelligence and also unlocked the codes used for German wartime. He died ten years after the war had ended and provided the links with the brand. Facing jail being charged with indecency, unrecognized for his great work and humiliated by the estrogen injections he was given in a bid to "cure" his sexuality are some of the frustrations that made him bit into an apple that had been laced with cyanide.

Alan Turing dies on 7th June 1954 in obscurity exactly ten years and a day after Normady landings. These made copious use of the intelligence that has been gleaned by his methods. Before iOS7 was introduced to the market the story goes on about how two entrepreneurs in Stanford were searching for a logo that would be used for their new computer company. After some time they remembered the contribution that Turing had made to the industry and thus decided to work with an Apple. This was not a full one but one that had been bitten.

As simple as it is the story about the apple LOGO inspiration is quite true because there are very many people who have done research on the same and ended up with this result. This actually triggered some emotions from a number of people who said that the story was quite touching and they would have never thought of it in that way. There are still a few people however who still believe that it is a myth. This is probably because there are very many theories that have been made up on the topic.

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Adidas Logos

Some people think that designing a logo is nothing but a simple idea that is essentially meaningless. After all, it is the brand that matters, isn’t it? However, developing a logo is a long and important task. A logo is the visual representation of a company, something that people have to recognise as soon as they see it and immediately know what the logo means. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has anything to do with the product. The Nike tick, for instance, has little to do with shoes or sports. Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most famous logos and where their design came from.


The three stripes you will see on the Adidas logo stand for a mountain. The mountain stands for the challenges and hardships that we all come across, but also for the goals that we have and how good we are at achieving our goals.

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